YouTube Music touts random and radio fixes

The list of Google’s YouTube Music features launched in April and May is now available. We’ve already covered the major changes, but there are several smaller YouTube Music tweaks to radio and shuffle.

Starting in April, longer YouTube Music playlists on Android and when streaming no longer go unshuffled after multiple songs. Similarly, the team last month “fixed an uncommon but very visible problem where you were repeatedly recommended the same artists” on the radios.

We’ve also made a few updates that try to capture how attentive you are to the listening experience, so we can better serve relaxing listening (so you don’t have to actively keep finding the next great song to play yourself!). These updates not only improve the radio experience on YouTube Music, but also the way we recommend music mixes on main YouTube. More information about this on our YouTubeforum!

When searching for songs, YouTube Music now shows a “More from YouTube” shelf that features “popular live and acoustic versions, remixes and covers alongside the official release.” This particular change is intended to particularly highlight YouTube’s catalog advantage:

We hope this change gives you a lot more listening options, beyond what you’d see on other music streaming services.

Early last month, Focus and Relax vibes added a “Long Listening” shelf to let you “easily find high-quality music videos for longer listening sessions when trying to focus on a task or to decompress”. This appears at the very bottom of these feeds and will come to other activity filters “in the future”.

Other new changes include:

  • Add user-created playlists to recommendations
  • Improved experience for new users: better initial artist selection + Quick Picks home shelf
  • Recommended music shelf on YouTube app for TVs without having to open YouTube Music tab

Google also explained how the fantastic redesign of the “Listen Again” shelf “combines both your recent listening and your all-time favorites in one place.” Other features we have already covered:

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