YouTube Music picks up a Spotify-style ‘recap’ for your recent spring jams

This year’s spring recap is YouTube Music’s first seasonal hits recap

At the end of 2021, Youtube Music presented a “Year in Review” roundup, which was similar to the annual recaps first popularized by Spotify. The playlist included your favorite artists and their top songs, among other intricate details of your music listening habits on the app. Now, it looks like the Google service has unveiled Spring Recap for 2022, and it’s also taken inspiration from Spotify.

As spotted by Redditors in a thread (Going through 9to5Google), YouTube Music now shows a recap with a “Spring Recap is here” title card in the home feed for many people. When tapped, a set of six cards containing your YouTube Music stats for the spring are revealed. The front page names your favorite artist and song, along with the time spent listening to them. The next three pages cover your top five songs, albums and artists during this phase. The last two pages cover your three favorite genres for that time period, followed by their favorite playlist.


The first images of this seasonal report reveal your musical statistics on a black and gray background. The cards have been optimized for sharing on social media, with each card labeled “Summary” in the upper right corner. While one person in the aforementioned Reddit thread could directly access the banner through their YouTube Music app, another was able to see it by clicking the “2021 Recap” option in the app’s menu – weird. For many others, including me, the screen just said “Nothing to hear here”, so we are waiting for further updates. Meanwhile, it’s currently unknown if YouTube is starting to show surface seasonal reviews instead of annual recaps for its dedicated users.

For now, sent recaps are likely only used to temporarily pique user interest and gauge audience reaction. This may explain why some YouTube Premium users who received the summary updates discovered that they automatically disappeared without warning a few hours later.

YouTube recently introduced significant changes to its Music app, giving users more customization choices and rolling out a better user interface to tablets. However, many customers noted that its shuffle feature is still poor as it doesn’t shuffle songs properly in a huge playlist. While the “Spring Recap” segment is a great way for users to keep track of their music choices, it feels like the icing on an underbaked cake. We hope the company will address these more pressing concerns as well.

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