YouTube Music offers a better way to browse those “Mixed for you” playlists

Finding the right music to match your mood is a little easier now

It’s up for debate whether YouTube Music suggests better songs and playlists for you than Spotify and Apple Music, but there’s no doubt that they improve on the Google-owned music service. The streaming platform is one of the few that lets you choose music based on moods – namely Chill, Focus, Workout and Energy – directly from the home screen. While that’s great, you still had to select one of these moods to get the proper playlist recommendations; something that’s been made a bit simpler now.

The “Mixed for you” carousel on the YouTube Music home feed now features a “More” button in the top right corner that takes you to a whole new page where you can see mixes for all moods under one umbrella. in a neat environment. looking at the grid view which is much easier to scroll than before (via 9to5Google).


Previously, you could only view mixes for the mood you selected, so this new change works better in how playlists are discovered. That doesn’t mean, however, that those little mood-filtering pills at the top of the app’s homepage are now unnecessary or redundant. They still work as before, it’s just that the “Mixed for you” carousel seems to have detached from them.

The updated carousel has made its way to Android, iOS, and the web app for us, but you might not necessarily be so lucky as it appears to be part of a server-side rollout.

YTM seems to be making a lot of suggestions this month, as the app has also been spotted testing a way to throw them directly at you from the lock screen. And if you can’t get enough of what you’ve already listened to, maybe check out your spring recap and take a look back.

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