YouTube Music is starting to catch up with Spotify’s social tools

Share directly from the app to Snapchat


Although Snapchat’s quality on Android has long been questionable, it’s been quite comfortable with Google lately. The company added Quick Tap to Snap in December, making it easier to launch directly into the camera UI without opening the app. Meanwhile, today’s Pixel Feature Drop includes support for Night Sight to improve low-light performance. Add another tool to the ever-growing list, as YouTube Music now shares directly to Snapchat.

Sharing from music services to social apps is essential in 2022 – it’s perfect for sharing your favorite albums, playlists, podcasts, and more. Apps like Spotify have long supported direct shares to Snapchat and Instagram, and starting today, YouTube Music is finally making headway on that front. Although Snapchat and Instagram icons have been on the share sheet since 2020, it’s only now that one of these icons actually works.


As spotted on Reddit (via 9to5Google), tapping Snapchat in YouTube Music’s share menu automatically creates a page with album art, along with links to automatically open the song or album from there. application. If you’ve ever used Spotify to post your favorite new releases of the week, you’ll be familiar with the experience. Google hasn’t added much to its share card to differentiate itself from the pack, but at the very least it’s yet another missing feature now filled in by its music service.

Unfortunately, Instagram users will have to wait, as the feature has yet to make it into Meta’s photo-centric app. In fact, in my experience, only the option to share with DMs was even on the options list. This feature seems to be widely available in the latest versions of YouTube Music, so if you’re ready to give your subscribers song recommendations, start hitting that share icon.

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