YouTube Music is getting a new way to promote albums in Explore

YouTube Music recently added an Explore shelf to the bottom of the home feed, making the dedicated page largely redundant. That said, YouTube Music’s latest addition of an album carousel to Explore suggests the tab will remain.

YouTube Music’s Explore tab begins today with shortcuts to the full New Releases, Charts and Mood and Genres pages with a “New Albums & Singles” carousel following.

Google is rolling out a carousel that appears at the very top. There is a title and a short description, while the cover art appears on the right. You also get a play button and background image that appears below the YouTube Music logo, account avatar, and look for a rather immersive experience.

In addition to being used to highlight new albums, YouTube Music put a “Grammy Winner” spotlight on Jon Batiste’s album of the year and curated playlists. Up to five can appear with the auto-cycle.

It’s a small change in the grand scheme, but it gets a lot of publicity. Also, it’s not too clear if what appears is customized for users or if it’s generic by country/region. The former would certainly help make the Explore tab much more interesting.

A handle of people see this addition of album highlighting to the Explore tab on YouTube Music for Android, iOS, and Web. That said, it is not widely deployed yet.

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