YouTube Music invites you to explore other interpretations of your favorite songs

A new section in the Related tab will help you do just that

A studio recording might be the definitive copy of a typical song released by a label, but it might not be the one you enjoy the most. In fact, you might even have a straight cover or remix that you prefer. The beauty of YouTube is that you’ll likely see all of these tracks as a video on the site. The beauty of YouTube Music? Now you can listen to them all in one place.

9to5Google picked up on a new section of the Related tab on the play screen called “Other Performances” where users can watch, queue and play live performances, covers and remixes of the very song they are listening to . It may appear under “You Might Also Like” sections and “Recommended Reading Lists” sections.


The section first appeared for some users about a month ago, but it looks like most users should get this section by now.

Of course, it’s not a perfect characteristic. After all, as an avid listener of mash-up memes, I’d love to see covers of “Low (feat. T-Pain)” in “Other Performances,” but I haven’t found anything like that yet. kind in my proposals:

Beautifully executed performances, even if it’s only part of a big joke that got laughs for a hot second.

The problem is, I have dozens of these babies sitting in YouTube playlists that haven’t been recognized by the YTM platform – and yet these “Alvin and the Chipmunks” covers of songs where all that the editor did is mount the original and compress the shit out of it. But honestly, I don’t expect these to get the network effect they deserve on YouTube Music. Guess I’ll have to stick with the Luddites on this one and play in the background with YouTube Premium on the YouTube app.

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