YouTube Music for Android gets a new “Downloads” shortcut

YouTube Music annoyingly got rid of the handy “Offline Mixtape” app shortcut in July, but has now introduced “Downloads” as a more expansive replacement on Android.

Long-press the YouTube Music icon on Android to reveal a new shortcut to the “Downloads” app. Appearing above “Search”, tapping starts shuffling all your downloads instead of just the automatic “Offline Mixtape” playlist generated by Smart Downloads. This appears to include any songs/albums/playlists you have individually stored for offline playback.

Like other app shortcuts, it can be moved directly to the home screen. This is by far the fastest way to start shuffling, especially when you’re offline. This is certainly better than having to manually navigate to the “Downloads” page.

We see the “Downloads” shortcut on YouTube Music for Android versions 4.63 and 4.64. It seems to have rolled around extensively in recent days via a server-side update. The “Play Offline Mixtape” shortcut never left the iOS appwhich has just been updated with outline-style icons in the bottom bar, Library tab, and Now Playing screen.

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