World’s largest music company Yamaha strikes a sour note instead of replacing an expensive piano

MONROE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (WABC) — Piano Troubles had a father-son musical duo mourning the blues.

More than a year after their expensive piano suffered a fault, the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer still hadn’t fixed the problem.

It was up to Nina Pineda and 7 On Your Side to pick up the tempo to solve the musical mess.

When Mark Rodriguez plays on his Yamaha, it sounds normal. But if he presses a specific combination of keys, it turns sour.

It’s been a melodic mess for over a year – up and down the keyboard as the keys permanently stick.

Years ago, his father, also a pianist, paid over $6,000 for the tricked-out Yamaha keyboard.

After hearing the fault, technicians came out but were unable to fix the piano problem. Luckily the warranty kicked in.

They said they were told they would get a new piano to help them.

So over a year ago a replacement was in rush order. A Yamaha rep even left a voicemail saying it would probably take a week or more.

But weeks turned into months, so Andy Rodriguez filed a complaint with the BBB. Yamaha’s response was that a replacement would be shipped “by June 1”.

In January, the piano had still not arrived.

It meant Andy and his son, who writes songs for his alternative rock band, couldn’t compose during the pandemic.

“I couldn’t use this great instrument because of its technological problems,” said Mark Rodriguez.

7 On Your Side called Yamaha who apologized for not “communicating as we should and normally would have done”, promising a new piano was on a container ship, “in 2-3 weeks” .

So we used the company’s dealer directory and in just 15 minutes we found a piano in Philadelphia.

And a few days later, the dealership delivered and installed the all-new Yamaha.

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