With this absolutely free application you can play and download the audio observation without the need for a video clip

Many customers need Youtube Use it from time to time to listen to songs and participate in entire playlists. The music video doesn’t do a major job, but of course it’s even streamed and viewed in the browser or YouTube app now. With an absolutely free Android app, you can switch to audio only, play qualifying songs, and even download media at the touch of a button. A little should have.

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Music videos are some of the most common stuff on YouTube and can produce hundreds of thousands upon thousands or even over a billion views from common artists. this is only one of the reasons why youtube tunes products, which can ideally be described as streaming songs with a related video system. But because YouTube Music has ugly limitations and won’t recognize all movies as audio videos, it’s usually not the most efficient option.

With the free app And tunes you get the great mix of YouTube and YouTube New music, plus other useful options. Originally the app specialized in streaming just the looks of videos so it can turn any movie stream into audio stream which can play quite a vital role on the smartphone, especially when you are on the move. If you believe in builders, you will help save up to 90% of your bandwidth. The opposite everywhere: you can listen to up to 10 situations plus audio with the same volume of information. Milkmaid’s monthly bill, but an important argument though.

But that’s not all, of course, mainly because the app can also remove a limitation of YouTube when switching from music video to audio: you can quit the app by browsing history so that streaming pieces continues. This is only possible on the smartphone with the YouTube app if you have a premium subscription.

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And the variety of functions does not stop there: the app offers a basic download function, with which you can get all titles as video clips or audio files in different formats at the push of a button. Several other platforms also give you this in the gray area, but this kind of deep in-app integration comes in handy. Of course, it’s a thorn in the side of Google and YouTube, so it immediately indicates why the app isn’t readily available on the Participate in store.

If you get it too complex to use, you can also use the YouTube app. The app clicks on the Android share menu and gives you the choice to share the movie you are currently watching with YouTube. This way you can switch or download the app instantly for the current music video. Just think about it and see if it works for you.

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