Who is Broderick Jones? American Song Contest singer’s Pokemon U has 34 million views on YouTube

the American song contest offers all applicants a platform for worldwide recognition for their singing talent, whether it is a beginner or an already established singer in their respective states.

One of these candidates who will audition on March 28, 2022 for the American song contest to prove his mettle to the judges is Broderick Jones, whose track Pokemon U has 34 million views on YouTube.

Everything on American song contest Singer Broderick Jones

A native of Olathe Kansas, Broderick Jones, who aspires to become “Kansas’s biggest artist”, will hit the stage mixing pop, soul and R&B and will attempt to captivate audiences with his singing talent at the American song contest Monday.

Singer-songwriter Jones released his first single in 2014 titled cuddle and quickly became a hit among the locals with his music. After the initial success, he launched his first EP Me in 2017.

The self-proclaimed hopeless romantic also figured on the right track as Illegal work by FAREOH, give me Love by Kyle Braun and bad for asking by QSTNMKRS.

Continuing his musical journey, Jones released another 6-song EP Stories Unspeakable in 2019 and her first full album, Maybe tomorrowin 2021.

But one track that made him an overnight hit and changed his music career is his it’s different trap remix Pokemon U in 2016, which has garnered over 34 million plays at the time of writing on YouTube alone.

Speaking to escunited.com about his incredible track and its impact on his career growth, the singer said:

“This song really changed my life because without it I wouldn’t know crvv, who is one of my brothers. A guy who believed in me from the start and allowed me to be myself and bring my vision to life. I probably wouldn’t have met Calio or any other producer who used my voice on their beats at that time! Truly blessed to have been a part of this. And it also gave me credibility in a sense towards myself. It was proof that it was possible. That everything is possible.

With his “truthful, catchy, refreshing, relatable” music, the singer released his recent single, X Y ZNovember 20, 2021.

Known for his thrilling stage performances and sweet vocals, Jones is ready to captivate listeners once again with his solo performances on the American song contest stage and proudly represent the Sunflower State of Kansas next week.

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