Spotify users express outrage over automatic translation of Chinese song and album titles into English

Spotify users have expressed their anger over Chinese track titles being automatically translated into English on the streaming platform.

A Singaporean user by the name of “cdiony” raised the issue on Spotify’s community forum, titled it “Title of Chinese songs suddenly translated into ENGLISH??”. The user explained that due to its machine translation “most song titles are not recognizable” – citing the issue as a “deal breaker” after being a Spotify premium user for a long time.

Other Spotify users in the thread rallied in support of “cdiony’s” frustrations. Another user, ‘Melbourne’ wrote that “this is awful and I would unsubscribe. This makes searching for Chinese music impossible.

A comment from ‘burningred’ said the name of one of their favorite albums was automatically changed to Pinyin – a romanized spelling for transliteration from Chinese. They cited it as “incredibly awkward, not to mention unreadable”. “burningred” also shared that they’ve spoken to Spotify’s support staff, and that “apparently this is a new feature they’re piloting.”

On July 19, ‘Vasil’, a Spotify Community Feed moderator shared, “Hey folks! As part of the recent multilingual data usage test, we are working to reinstate translated titles! The change should be taken into consideration. account soon. Clear your cache if you continue to have problems. Thanks and good luck!”

Five hours later, the ‘Loneliest_Cabin’ community manager explained that “it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect for all languages. By this time, July 20, everyone should see it .

It is currently unclear whether the changes have already entered into force.

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