Spotify Inks exclusive podcast deal with Toni and Ryan

Photo credit: Spotify

Spotify has signed an exclusive multi-million dollar deal with Australian podcast comedy duo Ryan Jon Dunn and Toni Lodge.

In what is believed to be a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal, the deal positions Melbourne Tony and Ryan in Spotify’s “original and exclusive” category alongside top-rated podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience. Other notable podcasts in the same stable are those by Dax Shepard Expert Armchairof the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Archwell Audioand former US first lady Michelle Obama’s podcast.

Tony and Ryan only launched last August, but the Australian duo have already amassed a significant following. The podcast scored 1.3 million downloads in February alone, and it hit 5 million total downloads in March. In early 2022, it was in the top 10 podcasts on Spotify, while on Apple Podcasts it reached the top 20.

Dunn and Lodge produce the podcast themselves and write all the material themselves. The show is “purely Australian”, but only a third of its listeners come from Australia. The majority come from the United States and Great Britain, mainly due to the show’s origins on the crowdfunding platform Patreon.

“People have supported us, people have listened to us, people are sending us the most beautiful messages, it’s amazing,” Dunn said. Western Australia today. “We wouldn’t be able to live our best lives without them.”

Hosting the podcast was previously a side hustle for the two presenters. Lodge has a background in sound engineering and has worked in the corporate sector, while Dunn was a radio host for KIIS FM in Melbourne. With the Spotify deal, the two will now work on the podcast full-time.

Tony and Ryan will move exclusively to Spotify on August 8, where it will be available for free. At that time, the show will no longer be available on other podcasting platforms. The duo will also produce video episodes of the show for fans to watch on the Spotify app.

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