Spotify buys podcast tech companies Chartable and Podsights

Spotify today announces the acquisition of two leading podcast ad technology companies, and , in an effort to expand its offerings to advertisers. Both companies offer popular tools that help brands and agencies better understand the effectiveness of their podcast ads.

In an announcement of the acquisitions, Spotify explained how the two companies will expand their advertising platform. With Podsights, advertisers will be able to see more detailed data on who clicked on an ad and what actions they took after the fact (i.e. whether they purchased the actual product). “As part of Spotify, Podsights will be able to use Spotify’s technology and intelligence to bring more accurate metrics and actionable insights to podcast advertisers around the world,” Spotify wrote in its post.

Chartable acquisition seems geared more towards podcast ads on podcasts. Its two promotional tools – SmartLinks and SmartPromos – will now be available to podcasters on Spotify. SmartPromos allows podcasters to see which ads are driving the most downloads and essentially measure the success of their ad campaigns. According to the Chartable website, SmartLinks are “shareable, trackable URLs that automatically route listeners to their podcasts.” The tool allows podcasters to track both clicks and downloads.

Spotify has invested in expanding its podcast offerings over the past two years; both by striking exclusivity deals and by giving podcast advertisers more bang for their buck with plus. The acquisition of Chartable in particular will be based on that of Megaphone; another ad tech acquisition made by Spotify in 2020.

These two acquisitions are likely to sweeten the pot for advertisers and professional podcasters looking to join Spotify. If you’re under the impression that podcast ads have become more prevalent over the past couple of years, you’re guessing: Spotify has expanded its ad setup with in-app ads tailored to your listening habits. . “This latest deal appears positioned to make the platform a more attractive option for brands and advertisers, and to lure podcasters without a network or salespeople into Spotify’s walled garden.”

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