Sidhu Moose Wala: Late singer’s political song removed from YouTube after ‘legal complaint’

A popular posthumous music video of Indian singer and rapper Sidhu Moose Wala, who was shot last month, has been removed from YouTube due to a “legal complaint from the government”.

The song, named ‘SYL’, refers to the disputed Sutlej-Yamuna Link canal, a contentious infrastructure project involving a 214 km long canal being built in the region around the Indian states of Punjab and Haryana. to connect the Sutlej and Yamuna rivers.

The dispute dates back to the decades-old Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan, allowing the ancient “free and unrestricted use” of the Ravi, Beas and Sutlej rivers.

In 1966, the creation of Haryana from the former undivided Punjab posed the problem of giving Haryana its share of river waters.

Moose Wala’s new song, which has been removed from YouTube, is based on Punjab’s discussions of the SYL project, which has long been a contentious point between the states.

The singer is said to have composed the song before his death on May 29.

Users trying to watch the music video were greeted with the message: “This content is not available on this country’s domain due to a legal complaint from the government.”

Since its release, Moose Wala’s new track has garnered over 27 million views.

The Independent has contacted representatives for the late singer for comment.

India’s federal government has yet to issue a statement on the “legal complaint” cited by it.

Moose Wala was shot dead in Punjab last month after his security was reduced by the two-month-old Aam Aadmi Party government as part of a crackdown on ‘VIP culture’.

In a press conference, senior Punjab police officer Viresh Kumar Bhawra said Sidhu’s SUV was shot while driving through Jhawahar Ke village in Mansa district along with two others people.

“Moose Wala left his home in the village of Moosa at 4:30 p.m. At around 5:30 p.m., he was driving his jeep, accompanied by two people, when two vehicles following him intercepted his vehicle and shot at him,” Mr Bhawra said.

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His car was sprayed with bullets and Sidhu was found slumped in his seat. He was rushed to Mansa Civil Hospital, but doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

Police believe the murder was the result of a gang rivalry.

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