“Running Up That Hill” performed by Matt Heady of Trivium and YouTube stars Anthony Vincent and Steven Terreberry in the style of “Master of Puppets”

Photographer credit: Raymond Flotat

Today in the music news, Run up that hill was performed in the style of Metallica Puppeteer. This performance was directed by Youtuber Steve Terreberry, Matt Heafy and Anthony Vincent.

“Vincent, which gained popularity as ‘Ten Second Songs’ on YouTube, has wowed viewers in the past with videos like Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ sung in 20 styles. each amassing 23 million views. Heafy, meanwhile, has long professed his love for Metallica, calling them one of his biggest influences. And Terreberry is a guitar wizard, with over 500 million views. on his YouTube channel.Result)

Check out the collaborative video for yourself here:

“Running Up That Hill” and “Master of Puppets” have both gained popularity from their pivotal roles in Stranger Things, with each song landing on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in recent weeks. Bush expressed his gratitude via various statements and interviews, while Metallica took his appreciation even further by dueting Stranger Things character Eddie Munson (played by Joseph Quinn) for a TikTok challenge video. Members of the iconic metal band even wore “Hellfire Club” t-shirts (available here) for the occasion. » (Result)

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