‘Remotion’ for Spotify is a new Mac app with SharePlay-like functionality

Remotion is a macOS-only Spotify client that works similar to Apple’s SharePlay feature, but for audio/video calls with friends or colleagues. With the app, you can listen to music and talk as if you were side by side with them – and the best part is that Remotion even works with those who don’t have Spotify Premium.

Remotion controls your Spotify app locally. According to the developers, the app offers better audio quality along with the ability to edit playlists together and control your own music volume better than Zoom.

In a Remotion Room, you can gather your friends or colleagues and share your Spotify listening experience with them. But even if you’re not the session DJ, you can pause the song when you need to talk to someone next to you – then it syncs with the rest of the band when you’re back – or the application simply adjusts the sound of each. volume so you can talk over the music without echoing or distracting them.

For those who don’t pay for Spotify, users will still hear the ads and then they’ll sync again with the rest of the band. No premium required.

Here’s how Remotion works:

We started with voice chat (and camera or screen sharing if you want). But the devil was in the details: how do you keep the music from ringing out when people aren’t muted? Can people get along with music? The answer was deceptively simple: fade the music when people talk. After a ton of iterations, headphones are optional, mute is optional. And it looks like everyone is famous – or gives GPS driving directions – your choice.

While this Spotify client is ultimately a place where you can take calls with co-workers or friends, the developers say “the defaults and shortcuts encourage spending most of the session muted with the camera off. Just enjoy the music and the company.

Remotion on macOS is free while the developers are testing the beta – it’s unclear whether this will require a subscription or a one-time in-app purchase. But in the meantime, it’s definitely worth a try here.

What do you think about it? Do you like or prefer to use SharePlay with Apple Music during a FaceTime call? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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