Martha Mukisa and Eddy Yawe argue ”Neeteze”, deleted from YouTube

Musician Eddy Yawe is an artist with a very good voice and besides, we are pretty sure that many up-and-coming female artists are keen to connect him for collaborations.

The songs he usually releases with female artists always turn out to be magical and are loved by many music lovers.

However, his relationship while working with female artists always ends on a sour note if one takes his song dubbed “Tukigaale” where he featured former Eagles Production singer Carol Nantongo.

As they say, this story always repeats itself, yet again Eddy Yawe is at the center of a falling out with Black Magic Entertainment’s Martha Mukisa over their new song “Neeteze”.

The couple are said to have a rift between them following reports that Eddy Yawe deleted the song from Martha Mukisa’s YouTube channel.

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Eddy Yawe’s reasons for removing the song from Martha Mukisa’s YouTube channel are yet to be established as the latter refused to explain what was wrong during an interview on Sanyuka TV.

Martha Mukisa only maintained that it was a technical issue as she assured her fans that all the hype surrounding the song would end.

She called on her fans to continue subscribing to the song and asked them to watch it on all streaming apps.

As of now, Martha Mukisa notes that her working relationship with Eddy Yawe is still going strong.

When Carol Nantongo last spoke about her working relationship with Eddy Yawe, she explained that it hasn’t been since she fell out with the latter over their project and according to the word on the street, the two are heading in that direction.

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