LISTEN: John Rich slams President Joe Biden and more in new anti-awakening single ‘Progress’

rich jeansfrom iconic country duo Big and Rich, recently made waves after releasing their latest song, “Progressin a way that circumvents the standards of the music industry or “the machine” as he calls it.

Rich has decided to experiment with different platforms to release his music which contains an eminently conservative message. Rich believes his voice and opinions will be ignored if played on traditional radio stations, record labels and mainstream social media platforms. So instead he went straight to the people.

The political song challenges the notion that progressive ideology has brought “progress” for America. His lyrics ring clear in the trending music video which shows Rich singing his new song in the countryside, in his car and in front of the American flag while incorporating footage of violent protests, high gas prices and empty store shelves. .

“Hold your progress where the sun don’t shine / Keep your big mess away from me and mine / If you leave us alone we’ll all be fine / Hold your progress where the sun don’t shine,” he sings. he chorus.

In a recent interview on OutnumberedRich talked about President Joe Biden and recent inflation.

“So listen, he said he was going to bring unity. I saw the poll earlier this month that said, was it 88% of Americans said we are on the wrong track in this country. It’s quite an achievement to get 88% of Americans to agree on anything. But Joe did. Good job, Jo. He brought unity, and now we’re united that we don’t like what’s going on.

Since “Progress” could cause many people outrage, Rich opted to feature the song through two notoriously free-speech social media platforms and found success through those communities.

“When I’m talking about them cutting out our voices, I’m talking about Twitter, YouTube and Facebook,” Rich said. “And I thought, you know what, I’m going to contact Truth Social and contact Rumble because they still allow free speech there. Why should I release this song on the platforms against which I take issue with the lyrics? »

After being posted for only a few hours on Social truth owned by former President Donald Trump and the To scold video community, the song not only climbed the Apple iTunes song charts, but it reached No. 1 worldwide.

“Here I am without a record label, without a publisher, without a marketing deal,” he said. “I just got a song that resonates with a lot of people, and Truth and Rumble played it. And man, I’m really proud of what we did today.

Looking ahead, the Nashville-based singer thinks it could be a game-changer in the music industry. If anything, it’s a step in the right direction in his book.

“That means if you bring in the right content and you have people like Truth and Rumble who will deliver that message to your target audience, you can beat the machine that’s been put in place to keep people like me from sticking around.”

The next hurdle he hopes to overcome is getting his song “unawakened” out to radio stations.

“Here’s the problem with country radio,” he said. “It’s not your DJs at the radio station. It’s not the people on the ground at the station. It’s the people at the very top of the food chain who run the conglomerates that have bought 90% of all our radio stations.

“These people in general – there are some good ones in there. And when I say good, I mean, you know, conservative lean. They want free space, they want artists to be heard,” Rich continued. “But there is a big [contingent] of them who don’t like anyone to oppose their awakened system.

John Rich is no stranger to aligning himself with former President Trump’s “Make American Great Again” campaign slogan. He has released several other overtly conservative songs in the past and even hosts the show, The pursuit! With John Rich on the Fox Business Network.

His next performance as part of tall and rich will take place on August 4 in Deadwood, SD.

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