Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac to star in Spotify’s original ‘Caso 63’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac to star in English adaptation of Spotify’s original podcast Case 63.

Renowned Case 63, the adaptation features Moore as psychiatrist Eliza Knight and Isaac as her patient, saved as Case 63, who claims to be a time traveler. In the original version of Case 63, each episode of the first season centers on a session between the psychiatrist and the patient, who claims to be on a mission to save the world. The series tackles the concepts of time and space, as well as the impact of a deadly virus (sound familiar?).

Shortly after its debut, Case 63 – created and written by Julio Rojas – became a quick hit for Spotify in Spanish-speaking regions of Latin America, topping the Spotify charts in Argentina and Mexico for several weeks. Following the success of the show, whose voice features Antonia Zegers and Nestor Cantillana, Spotify continued to create local adaptations with stars Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha in India (as Virus 2062) and Seu Jorge and Mel Lisboa in Brazil (Patient 63).

The English adaptation, set to premiere later this year, is co-produced by Gimlet Media, Moore’s FortySix and Isaac’s Mad Gene Media. Moore, Isaac and Mimi O’Donnell are executive producers.

The Spanish and Portuguese version of Case 63 will also return for its third and final season later this year.

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