Is UFC Legend & Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan related to Boys producer Seth Rogen?

Joe Rogan has been a household name in the world of combat sports for over two decades. However, his popularity is not limited to fight fans. The longtime UFC commentator made a name for himself on the wildly popular reality TV show The Fear Factor.


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When Rogan entered the podcast world, it changed all perceptions about him. Rogan no longer remained a UFC person and became a celebrity with his consistent and diverse content.


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New Rogan fans have had many questions about his path to success and his companions on his journey to the top. This raised a question: Who are Joe Rogan’s family members?

Who is Joe Rogan related to?

Joe Rogan is married to Jessica Ditzel and has two children with her. Also, he adopted Kayja Rose, who is his wife’s daughter from a past relationship with Keven Connor.


Who is Keven Connor, father of Joe Rogan’s stepdaughter, Kayja Rose?

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Rogan is also linked to certain celebrities; He revealed it on his famous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

What famous parents does Joe Rogan have?

Joe Rogan once revealed that Gerard Way was his cousin. Although he proposed, they did not know each other personally.

Seth Rogen is another celebrity name that comes up often when discussing Rogan’s parent.

Seth Rogen and Joe Rogan are not related to each other. The only thing they both have in common is their last name, as they look alike. Moreover, the two surnames are written almost the same way.

Who is Seth Rogen related to?

Seth Rogen is a household name in Hollywood. His comedic timing is some of the best to watch in Hollywood films or otherwise. Moreover, he also does a wonderful job as a filmmaker. He also produces the much-vaunted Amazon Prime show “The Boys.”

The Boys executive producer has also made a few cameos on the show as himself.

Rogen always wanted to pursue a career in comedy. And it looks like he’s done a terrific job in that regard.

Seth Rogen was born into a Jewish family in Canada to his father, Mark Rogen, and mother, Sandy Belogus. Rogen also has an older sister, Danya.

Has Seth Rogen been on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast?

Seth Rogen has not been on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Although fans have frequently requested to see them together, it has yet to materialize.


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Rogen, however, had an interesting question for Rogan about the spelling of their names. Seth Rogen tweeted at Joe Rogan about people spelling his name as “Rogan” instead of “Rogen”. Also, he asked if they did the same with him and spelled his name as “RogEn”.

Both celebrities are phenomenal comedians. For one, Rogan does his comedy tours and stand-up gigs. On the other hand, Rogen is a Hollywood actor, known for his comedic roles.


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If they got together to do a podcast on Spotify’s 200 million show, The Joe Rogan Experience, it would definitely get their fans excited.

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