How to See How Many Songs You Have on Spotify Playlist

Spotify is constantly updated by its developers so that it can test and improve new features. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean saying goodbye to existing features and track counts for playlists seem to be the latest casualty.

Users can no longer see their track count when viewing created or other playlists. Let’s find out more about this problem.

Why can’t you see track count on Spotify anymore? Is there a work around?

Spotify recently removed the 10,000 track limit from playlists, now allowing creators to add more than 10,000 songs to their playlists. This now removes the requirement to track your playlist track count and hence the same has been removed from the platform.

There is, however, a workaround that you can use to display the number of tracks in a playlist. You can read more about the same below.

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How to See the Track Count for a Playlist on Spotify Using a Workaround

You can view the number of tracks in a playlist by adding a song to it. You won’t have to add the song, just bring up the playlist selection screen. You will then be able to see your track count for all your playlists on Spotify.

On the computer

Open the Spotify web player or desktop app and visit the relevant playlist in your library.

You’ll find your current track count under the playlist name next to your username.

And this is how you can view the number of tracks in a playlist on Spotify for desktop.

On mobile

Open the Spotify app and visit a random song. Press the 3 points(After) icon.

Select Add to playlist.

You will now have a list of all your playlists. You should now be able to see the track count next to your username.

And that’s how you can see your track count for playlists on mobile devices.


Here are some frequently asked questions about how many tracks are missing from Spotify that should help you get up to speed.

Can you restore the track count function in Spotify?

You can indeed do your part and vote for this feature on Spotify’s official website. You can use the link below to vote, and if the feature gets enough votes, you might see it revived in a future Spotify update.

Can you count tracks in playlists created by other users using this workaround?

Unfortunately no, you can only view track counts for playlists you’ve created on Spotify.

We hope this article helped you easily view the number of tracks in your playlists on Spotify. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.


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