Harry Styles cover of Angry Mob Music, “Sign Of The Times”, in Bridgerton’s wedding scene…

Angry Mob Music Group

ANGRY MOB MUSIC’s cover of HARRY STYLES’ “Sign Of The Times,” featured in a wedding scene from the second season of “Bridgerton,” has sparked a frenzy as superfans around the world post thousands of TIKTOK videos with 31 million views and nearly half a million likes and comments.

Since the Season 2 premiere of the NETFLIX series, the new orchestral version of the ANGRY MOB MUSIC song, performed by award-winning composer STEVE HORNER, has also been streamed over 500,000 times on major platforms.

The track, which was produced by ANGRY MOB MUSIC Co-Founder/Executive Producer and Chief Creative Officer SEAN HARRISON, has also been streamed at least 500,000 times on major platforms including YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, AMAZON and PANDORA.

ANGRY MOB MUSIC, a Los Angeles-based boutique music publisher, label and trailer music company, landed the coveted placement after pulling out all the stops to create a full album of custom-produced tracks for the musical supervisor of “Bridgerton” JUSTIN KAMP. HARRISON and Sr. Director/Licensing & Synch DEBRA DELSHAD got a taste of the show’s musical needs for season two, including a wedding, waltzes and more.

HORNER took the familiar melodies and infused them with full orchestral sound and classic flair. After DALSHAD pitched the track to KAMP, the producers of “Bridgerton” fell in love with the new version of the wedding procession from Episode 6.

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