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By Andy Malt | Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Downtown Music Services has announced a new partnership with Jamaican music company Geejam Music that will see it provide music publishing and label administration services.

Referring to Geejam founder Jon Baker, Downtown Music Services Global President Mike Smith says, “I first met Jon when I was working at MCA Music in the 1980s. His label Gee Street released all my favorite records and we had just picked one of them, PM Dawn, for editing”.

“I have always followed his career closely and was THRILLED when any artist I worked with could record at Geejam, his state-of-the-art studios in Jamaica,” he adds. “I used to drop by when I was in Port Antonio and we were talking about working together. His musical knowledge is second to none and I’m thrilled that we can work together again.”

I’m glad Mike was thrilled twice in a quote. I think this is a first. How could anyone top that? Well, let’s see what Downtown Music Services A&R Manager Davina Merchant has to say.

“We are thrilled to partner with Geejam, a game-changer, collaborator and hub for bringing together talent from around the world.”

Nice try, but I really needed three separate THRILLEDs. Can Baker outmaneuver any of them or won’t he even try?

“There is currently an exciting musical renaissance taking place in Jamaica and I am delighted to partner with Downtown Music for publishing administration and label services,” says Baker. Just thrilled? Go on. “Having been part of the Jamaican music scene for over 30 years, since my tenure as President of Chris Blackwell’s Island Jamaica in the early 90s, I believe now is the time to offer a real alternative to what is currently offered to Jamaican artists and writers alike”.

“Our partnership will provide an international platform for the release of local Jamaican music through the Geejam Music label,” he continues, “and will see the reactivation of Gee Street Recordings for our international artists with an A&R presence in the UK and the United States”.

Well, it’s probably best not to even try. This deal still resulted in a THRILLED triple announcement and those are always exciting.

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