Comparison of Pandora, Spotify and YouTube Music

Streaming services offer different advantages for music fans

Roseville, CA – Put a few music fans in the room and it won’t be long before they start putting the question on the table; which music streaming service is the best?

To date, it appears that there is no clear path to consensus on the matter. There is no single service that adapts to the different listening habits of users. The elusive quest for musical nirvana continues. However, all is not lost.

From a musical point of view only (price aside), here is an overview of the strengths of Pandora, Spotify and YouTube Music. We like to use all three, but you can find only one service that fits your needs perfectly.

Pandora (discovery of new music)

When it comes to discovering new music you’ll love, Pandora Radio is killing the competition in our opinion.

Masters of the musical genome, it is very rare that Pandora does not deliver something that matches our musical tastes perfectly. We can no longer count the new and old artists we discovered on Pandora radio.

Online music services attempt to deliver music that they think you will like based on your listening habits and various other factors. Creating your own artist station and regularly using Pandora’s “Thumb’s Up, Thumbs Down” feature over a period of time has also been great for discovering new songs and artists.

Competing online radio stations are attempting similar approaches, but each has left us uninspired and disappointed.

When it’s time to expand your horizons with undiscovered gems (old and new), Pandora is hands down our top pick!

Spotify (Creating Playlists)

While Pandora is great at expanding your music, the downside is that you can’t listen to the songs you want on demand.

Spotify is kicking it seriously here. Although there are a few very notable exceptions missing from their music catalog, there is enough music here for everyone.

Finding and playing songs on demand is about as easy as it gets. Creating comprehensive playlists is a snap and is ideal for parties or customizing playlists for specific audiences. You will even find plenty of live musical performances.

On Spotify, you can even share playlists so your friends can each add their own songs. It’s a win, win!

So, the next time you feel like listening to some of your favorite songs on demand, Spotify delivers faithfully to you.

What we don’t like: Original and beloved recordings that are replaced by inferior remasters. Jimmy, the song doesn’t stay the same.

Fun tip: Take some of these awesome new songs you find on Pandora and add them to Spotify playlist.

YouTube Music (most complete catalog)

YouTube Music delivers what the competition will never come close to matching. The largest existing catalog would by far be our guess.

In addition to music from traditional corporate sources and artists, YouTube Music provides access to endless catalogs of live performances, user-generated content, and traditional content that is intentionally retained by artists.

All too often, we can’t locate the favorite albums on Spotify and have to turn to YouTube for our musical fix.

Stream your own musical performance with or without videos. There is simply no match for the breadth of content.

Fun tip: Create a music video playlist or a concert and stream it to your TV. The perfect addition to any party.

If you want everything and more, YouTube Music is the only choice.

A winning combo

Regardless of the choice of music streaming service, music lovers will find what they are looking for in one of the main players. If your need is more specific, each service has its respective strengths.

We suggest that you explore each service and you might find yourself gravitating between all three!

No matter how you slice it up, listening to music has come a long way from the boring and repetitive radio stations of the past.

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