Bill Kreutzmann returns to Dead & Company’s starting lineup at Citi Field in New York [Photos/Videos]

Death and Company rolled through Citi field in Queens for their annual pilgrimage to New York and the penultimate show of the summer tour. Billy Kreutzmann makes its triumphant return to the stage alongside the original members of the Grateful Dead Bob Weir and mickey hart and band mates John Mayerbass player Burbridge Eyekeyboardist Jeff Chimentiand percussionist Jay Lane rounding out a seven-piece band that worked on Dead’s catalog of classics.

After an introduction by Andy Cohen, Dead & Co. opened the show with a condensed “Bertha” before pouring a cup of rye and mixing into “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo.” Billy was displayed on the visual panels near the end of the song, to which the crowded stadium audience responded with appreciative applause turning into a deafening uproar. The beloved drummer raised his drumstick in recognition.

Dead & Company – “Bertha”, “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo” [Pro-Shot] – 07/15/2022

After playing “Shakedown Street” with an upbeat tempo that stayed closer to the original than some of Dead & Company’s slowed down versions of the song, John Mayer took the helm for a rendition of “Sugaree” that also featured solos from the corner of Chimenti. like his. After a short break, Bob Weir unearthed “Tennessee Jed” for a lively vocal. Bobby remained in the vocal foreground as the group soared to “Bird Song”. During the jam section, the drummers launched into a teasing “Truckin'” before the cover and end. To close out the first image, Dead & Co. covered Henry Thomasthe traditional blues “Don’t Ease Me In”, bringing it back to the first days of the dead.

Returning from the break, John Mayer gathered momentum on a sizzling “Althea”, soaring into a rendition of the Cannon Jug Stompers“Viola Lee Blues” led by Oteil and Chimenti. The band kept the beat going through the extended jams and paused to catch their breath before embarking on a journey through “Terrapin Station.” John Mayer was the ship’s captain as they left the safety of harbor for a tumultuous ride through the opus of the dead. The jams were crisp and true before Bobby took the lead and brought the melody to its natural end after a short stab of “The Other One”.

Dead & Company – “Althea” [Pro-Shot] – 07/15/2022

Dead & Company – “Viola Lee Blues” – 07/15/2022

[Video: Matt Frazier]

Weir kept control during a transition to fan-favorite “China Cat Sunflower” as audiences began to swoon in anticipation. As sure as night follows day, John Mayer’s solo headed behind the scenes of “I Know You Rider,” whose headlights shone on the synergy between Oteil Burbridge and John Mayer. Bob Weir’s vocals cut like steel as he sang the lyrics, “I know you rider, I’ll miss you when I’m gone”, adding a sweet guitar solo to the mix. Truer words have never been spoken as dedicated fans thundered their heartfelt gratitude.

To follow, Oteil joined the Rhythm Devils for a percussive “Drums” breakdown. The back of Mickey Hart’s shirt emblazoned with “Save Our Rights” in pink graffiti adorned the monitors as he led the band on a deep “Space” odyssey.

Bob Weir and the rest of the band returned to the stage as Oteil performed a bass-heavy “The Other One” to set the stage for Bob Weir to replace the attendees’ minds with “smoldering craters”. At the end of the second set, Bobby voiced an emotionally charged performance of “Standing on the Moon” before a closing cover of holly buddy“Not Fade Away” to end the set.

As the band left the stage, the cheering crowd carried the beat and cheered until D&C returned. To close the penultimate show of the summer tour, Bob Weir stayed at the forefront for a steamy “Sugar Magnolia” finale.

Dead & Company – “Sugar Magnolia” – 07/15/2022

[Video: Matt Frazier]

Another night of outfield dancing, flower braiding and tye-dye revelry is ahead for Dead & Company for the closer tour at Citi Field. It will surely be an experience not to be missed for anyone who loves or is curious about the history of music, as the greatest story ever told is still being written.

Setlist: Dead & Company | Citi field | Queens, NY | 07/15/22

Series 1: Bertha > Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo, Shakedown Street > Sugaree, Tennessee Jed, Bird Song > Don’t Ease Me In

Set 2: Althea, Viola Lee Blues, Terrapin Station > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider > Drums > Space > The Other One > Standing on the Moon > Not Fade Away

Again: Sugar Magnolia

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