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The Intrasavings Bank, or Intrasavings for short, is certainly not only known to home builders and certainly not reserved. Intrasavings’s program is much wider than many people know. Among other things, she also gives entrepreneurship loans.

Need payday loans online?

Intrasavings itself describes the entrepreneurial loan as a “universal loan for investments and working capital”. This is, in fact, available to existing commercial enterprises as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers. The prerequisite is, of course, that they also want to invest in Germany, because what would the German state of it, if a yuppie wanted to take a hemp plantation in Colombia in operation. For example, an entrepreneurial loan should offer the possibility of financing operating resources or compensating for temporary liquidity shortages. If a creditor can convince himself with his project, 100% support is possible, up to a sum of 10 million euros.

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Is the Intrasavings a charity?

Not at all, because interest must also be paid for the financing of generally useful investments. However, Intrasavings Mittelstandsbank is of the opinion that small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the German economy and should not be left alone in the new challenges facing them. This answers questions that inevitably arise in the search for the right financing. The answer that Intrasavings gives to all these questions is Entrepreneur Loan because it is intended to give German as well as foreign commercial enterprises the opportunity to benefit from long-term investments and set fixed interest rates. For this purpose, these must be privately owned and have a group turnover of fewer than 500 million euros.

Do you just want to take over an existing company or participate in one for the purpose of the main job? Then you will also be supported. Even natural persons who wish to acquire commercial real estate for the purpose of letting or leasing can count on a subsidy and enjoy the following advantages of an entrepreneurial loan:

    • The project is 100% financed
    • There are attractive fixed interest rates with up to 20 years interest rate lock-in and an amortization-free startup period
    • Early repayment is possible at any time free of charge
    • The business loan can be combined with other Intrasavings programs and public funds

And since July 2, 2007, there is a special bargain, namely 50% exemption from liability for companies and freelancers who have been active in the market for two years