An orchestra of young trolls expertly, an automobile company that made fun of young musicians on television…

April 26, 2022, 5:11 PM

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra plays Strauss.

Photo: New Brunswick Youth Orchestra

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra used their musical talent to hilariously demystify “stereotypical” car advertising.

An orchestra of young musicians has released a masterful dismantling of a car manufacturer, in response to its “tired” stereotypes of youth music.

Last week, the musicians released a video titled “An INFINITY Of Young Talent,” which references “Infiniti,” the luxury division of automaker Nissan.

Infiniti released an ad earlier this month titled “Beautiful Mess”, which promoted its new car, the QX60.

“Calm the chaos in style,” reads the listing description; the “chaos” refers to the young musicians depicted in the video. Watch said chaos below…

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The ad features a youth orchestra playing Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem, Also sprach Zarathustra. However, the children seen in the video are not actually performing, but miming a performance by an adult orchestra who had deliberately played the piece. evil.

In the ad, a model makes a negative face while listening to music, lifts the window to turn off the music, and walks away from the orchestra.

The comments section below the video is understandably filled with confused viewers, many of whom find the ad unnecessarily “nasty.”

Most immediately jumped to the defense of the young musicians, saying, “I want to hug every one of these kids and cheer them on in any way I can.”

Another commented: “Ouch! It is not the children playing the music that are intolerable, but the attitude of the adults who feel the need to insult the beginning instrumentalists. What a pity!”

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One viewer even went so far as to say, “Infiniti/Nissan should donate all (measly) profits from the sale of this car to gang programs across the country as reparations.”

Another suggested, “you could have done this ad upside down where [the woman rolls] down the window to hear the music. Then you wouldn’t have ignited the whole teaching base of music education. Same message, not insulting.

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra won the Internet, however, with its response to the controversial announcement. Look below.

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In their video, Orchestra CEO Ken MacLeod is seen opening the door to a concert hall, where orchestra musicians play Strauss’ symphonic poem.

MacLeod asks the viewer, “Have you seen the new Nissan-Infiniti ad? Can you imagine? A big company like that couldn’t find a youth orchestra to play the music.

“They should have called us. New Brunswick Youth Orchestra.

MacLeod continues, “In our experience, all kids are talented and can shine on any stage,” taking a swipe at the automaker’s marketing decision.

In response to an email from Radio CanadaInfiniti spokesman Didier Marsaud said he saw the orchestra’s reaction and found it “incredible”.

“We love that the conversation about music education is brought to light,” added Marsaud.

Founded in 1965, the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra has trained some of Canada’s finest musicians for nearly 60 years. The orchestra is made up of approximately 80 musicians aged 11 to 24, from all over eastern New Brunswick.

Posted by New Brunswick Youth Orchestra / New Brunswick Youth Orchestra on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

In an interview with Radio CanadaMacLeod explained, “We felt, because we’re a leader in this space of children’s and youth music, that it was our duty, perhaps even our responsibility, to respond in some way. other to that.

“Although [the advert] is ironic, there’s still an old, tired stereotype of youth and bad music. And so our message here is that our children are incredibly talented.

Their response video has been viewed more than 60,000 times, and the orchestra reported receiving emails and messages from people across North America congratulating them on their statement.

New Brunswick Youth Orchestra – you can add the compliments of Classic FM to this list. Cheer!

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