A minimalist display showing what’s playing on Spotify

There’s no denying that streaming services like Spotify are the most convenient way to listen to music. Sure, the sound quality might not be lossless and you don’t get the tactile feel of putting a disc on, but having almost all of the story’s music at your fingertips is nothing to scoff at. . To make this experience even more enjoyable, Redditor Radsrocket has built that hi-res Spotify “now playing” AMOLED display.

Spotify provides a handy API (Application Programming Interface) that allows developers to create programs that can access a user’s music library and playlists. With this API it is possible to build custom music player peripherals who take advantage of Spotify’s vast catalog. These devices typically include controls for skipping songs, selecting playlists, pausing music, and more. But Radsrocket’s device is simpler. All it does is display the current song title, artist, album name, and album art. It’s a quick and easy way to see what’s playing on their Spotify account at a glance.

This minimalist device required only a few hardware components, including a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single board computer, a Waveshare AMOLED 5″ touchscreen with case and a power supply paired with a 90 degree USB-C cable. He takes advantage of Jon Ashcroft’s Nowify app, which pulls the user’s “currently playing” information from the Spotify API. Ashcroft built Nowify on top of the Vue JavaScript framework and provides a simple yet beautiful screen. By Hackster community standards, this is a fairly basic project. But it’s a great demonstration of what makers can put together in an afternoon to improve their daily lives.

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