9 Best Amazon Alexa Tips and Tricks for Fire TV

Similar to Google Assistant on Chromecast, Android TV and Android Box, Amazon has integrated the company’s AI voice assistant – Alexa, on the Fire TV line of devices. This includes Alexa integration in Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and TVs with FireOS built-in. And beware, Alexa isn’t new or a gimmick on Fire TV.

It is a useful add-on to enhance your streaming experience. Here are the best Alexa tips and tricks for Fire TV. To make it better for Fire TV users, Amazon has integrated a dedicated Alexa assistant button on the new remotes. You can also purchase one separately for your Fire TV. Without further ado, check out the capabilities of Alexa for Fire TV.

If you have other Amazon devices, such as the Echo Dot, placed in the same room, you’ll need to say “on Fire TV” at the end of each command.

1. Play a Movie or TV Show Using Alexa

Apps from popular third-party streaming services like YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+, Peacock TV, etc. appear in the Amazon App Store. When you’re dealing with dozens of these services, it can become difficult to switch between them to watch your favorite movie or TV show.

After all, it’s highly unlikely that a single service will carry all of your favorite TV shows and movies. This is where you can summon Alexa and play a movie or TV show with just one tap.

Use Alexa commands like “Play (title)” or “Watch (title)” and you can be more specific with “Play title in an app”. The command only works with Alexa-supported apps such as Prime Video and Netflix. So don’t be surprised when your commands don’t work in some apps.

2. Switch between TV channels

If you still have a cable connection to watch live TV channels at home, you can also switch between them using Alexa. Long press the Alexa button and ask her to tune to the channel number on the TV. However, you will need to change the type of input (source) on the antenna.

3. Get your answers

Besides navigating FireOS, the Alexa Assistant is useful for answering general questions. For example, you can ask Alexa to show the weather outside, open a to-do list, check an artist’s songs on Prime Music, and more.

You can also ask Alexa to show one of the connected webcams. For example, say “show me the backyard camera” and tune it to the TV.

4. Navigate the search results

With Alexa, you can browse search results without using the remote. When you have search results lined up on Fire TV, ask Alexa to select #5, play #7, and open it.

5. Find movies based on actor and genre

Are you a Will Smith fan or do you prefer war documentaries on Fire TV? Instead of finding your favorite actor’s movies on streaming services, you can trigger Alexa and ask it to “find (title/genre)” or “show me (TV shows/movies) with the name (of the movie). ‘actor)”. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

6. Navigate FireOS

Although the Fire TV remote comes with dedicated Home, More, and Back buttons, you can use Alexa to navigate menus and options with voice commands.

7. Browse Content on Video Details Page

Alexa lets you quickly play the title, watch the trailer, add the current show to your watchlist, or show specific episodes or season.

8. Control video playback using Alexa

Although Alexa isn’t the most convenient method of controlling video playback, it can be useful in certain scenarios. You can ask Alexa to play, pause, stop, and resume the movie.

Find a dance number in a boring movie? Tell Alexa to fast forward. You can even ask the assistant to watch the show or movie from the beginning.

Note that video playback via Alexa only works in Amazon Prime Video and other supported apps.

9. Live TV Channels Controls

Apps like Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and fuboTV come with live TV channels for a seamless cord-cutting experience. Alexa will let you switch between featured TV channels, open a channel guide, and even control playback.

Master Alexa on Fire TV

Alexa is also very useful when specific buttons on your remote stop working. Instead of buying a new remote control or using Fire TV mobile app, you can summon Alexa and perform tasks for you. What Alexa tricks have you found most helpful on Fire TV? Share them in the comments below.

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