Month: August 2019

6 tips to help you save on Home Insurance


Although hiring home insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended, since the expenses associated with any eventuality related to a property are usually high. The truth is that the price of policies is in line, so it is worth trying to save a little when looking for insurance for our house. Here are our best tips to help you save on home insurance:

Don’t guess or overestimate what your belongings cost


Take the time to properly investigate the value of your valuables, such as laptops and electronic devices, and don’t just guess or overestimate the price. If you overestimate prices, you will most likely be charged too much for home insurance.

Compare home insurance


Although it may be tempting to request your first home insurance from your bank or mortgage provider, be sure to consider other providers before committing. Home insurance is available through multiple providers and you don’t have to have hired your mortgage through a company necessarily to have access to their insurance services.

Do not insure your things twice

If you already pay for phone insurance or similar, make sure that these items are not insured in your home insurance. Phone insurance is available through your telephone company and other companies, so make sure you are not paying for this insurance twice.

Do not forget the small details

When applying for home insurance, give your provider as much information as possible. For example, some insurers may offer discounts if you live on a site that has some type of surveillance. Many people would think that a detail like this is not important, which makes them lose potential savings.

Don’t claim everything

If a household makes a series of claims in a short period of time, it is very likely that the home insurance premium will increase significantly. Consider carefully every part you give and make sure that it is really necessary.

Don’t penalize your loyalty


If you already have home insurance, and you have not given a share for years, you are an ideal client for insurers. Try to get a better price by comparing other options, but above all do not fall into the penalty for loyalty: some insurers increase the price even if you have been a long time without giving parts.

We hope the above tips help you keep your home insurance expenses at bay.

I want the cheapest mortgage loan of all, how do I find it?

Becoming an owner of an apartment or a house is not something that can be achieved overnight, it represents a great investment. However, it is not impossible either and can be obtained through mortgage loans.

Buying a home remains one of the priorities of Chileans, and one of the key points to achieve this is how to make the loan cost them so much.

Mortgage loans are offered by different financial entities nationally and internationally. In Chile, banks seek to provide more and more facilities for users to decide and access this financing without implying entering into an unpaid debt.

So what elements can be taken into account to make this credit cheaper?


Your history as a customer

Your history as a customer

One of the first points is not up to anyone but you. Your behavior as a client, that is, how much you borrow, how good a payer you are, among other aspects, is key to obtaining a better credit evaluation and, consequently, a lower interest rate.


Compare the available alternatives

Compare the available alternatives

While there is an average, remember that each entity has different rates, as well as fees and additional fees that vary. The only way to make an appropriate decision is to inform you. This doesn’t have to be a tedious thing, since you can access online comparators like The Weng Nunez.


The bank where you are already a customer

The bank where you are already a customer

In order to build customer loyalty, many banks grant special interest rates to those who have a payroll account or even a credit card. If you are a customer of a bank, it is worthwhile to inform yourself and see what they offer you for applying for your mortgage credit there.


Buy before construction

Buy before construction

One option to achieve a reduction in the price of housing is to buy when the project has not yet been built. Because they need to be sold to start construction, introductory prices tend to be much cheaper, resulting in great savings. If you are able to wait for the property, this is an alternative worth exploring.

Pacia Finance Credit Calculator.How To ..

cash loan

As with almost all car brands, Pacia brand cars can also use credit from the company’s own structure and you can own the car in installments . If your bank record is broken and you cannot get credit from banks, you can evaluate the loan options offered by car companies and try to use credits in this field. So what is Pacia Finance loan calculation ? How is Pacia Finance Credit Calculator made?


Pacia Finance Credit Calculator How To …

Credit Calculator

If you want to own a Pacia brand and you want to use your credit through Pacia Plan, you are in the right place. You may also want to know the loan terms of the vehicle you will receive and the number of installments you will pay monthly. You will not need to go to any bank or bank branch for the loans you will use by Pacia finance. You can go to the dealer where you can buy the vehicle from here you can make all transactions. At the same time, you can have the opportunity to deliver your vehicle on the same day by making use of your credit. So how do I calculate the loan of the vehicle I will get from Pacia? Let’s search for answers to questions like how Pacia Installment calculation and Pacia Finance Credit Calculator are made.

First of all, you know that Pacia is a by-product of Renault cars. Like the Renault Plan, Pacia applies the same system and is able to extend loans on its own. However, the loans have not yet cast their computing systems to bring this system to the internet via the website. If you want to make a short credit calculation , you should first decide the vehicle you will buy and visit a Pacia dealer. During this visit, Pacia officials will explain the amount you will pay, as well as all other conditions and will help you to be informed. At this stage, they will pay the installments and Pacia finance credit calculation process as a document you can forward.


How Much Credit Can I Use With Pacia Finance?

finance loan

You can use as many credits as you like through the limitation of the government. This rate may vary depending on the part approved for you. If your record is clean and there is no disruption to your debts, the down payment may decrease. If you want to mention these rates, you can use 70% credit for 50.000TL of the invoice amount and 50% of the exceeding portion of the invoice amount. This rate is also determined as 80% for commercial vehicles . You can use as many credits as you like at these rates.