Rehabilitation credit.

What does it mean? The term reorganization loan is not legally defined and is therefore used in different contexts. In general, we speak of a reorganization loan in connection with a bank loan, which serves the increase in value or value retention of a property. The borrower is the real estate owner. Tenants who want […]

What is a credit card?

You’ve probably wondered what is a credit card ? Who supports its use? A credit card is a credit instrument backed by a financial entity or a bank. If you have one of these cards in your name, you can purchase with it goods and services that you will pay later.   How does payment […]

Mortgage Loan Insurance: Simulation & Online Membership

  Important information mortgage insurance The bank, or other lender can no longer refuse, or even change the rates of the mortgage proposal if you decide to take out individual mortgage insurance external to the credit institution. Definition of Real Estate Credit: Loan whose duration, amount, repayment (capital depreciation + interest) is defined in advance […]

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