10 Best Songs Featured On The Show, Ranked By Spotify Streams

WARNING! This list contains spoilers for stranger things season 4.

It is not uncommon for the Internet to launch with the latest stranger things memes and references on social media, especially during the recent release of Season 4, Volume 2. However, another aspect of the series that takes the world by storm every time is the classic 80s songs that remake surface in each season.

While many of these songs and bands have already been popular for a while now, like Journey and Metallica, the show does a great job of introducing these classics to a new generation and integrating them into the show so perfectly. While it’s pretty hard to pinpoint how many songs saw an increase in streams after the season four premiere, it’s safe to say that many of these classics will remain popular for quite some time, thanks to this recent resurgence.


ten “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) – Bryce Miller/Alloy Tracks Remix” by Journey and Steve Perry

12.7 million

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Bryce Miller:Alloy Tracks Remix By Journey and Steve Perry Cover Art for Stranger Things and the Upside Down

Although it may seem like this song is one of the least listened to on the popular songs chart, the number comes from this single remix rather than the original Journey song, which currently has over 163 million plays. This means that this show-specific remix is ​​only from the second volume of stranger things and has already amassed over 12 million streams in the past week.

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The way it was used on the show even stuck with fans, as the rock song’s dramatic rendition underscored just how high the stakes were for the gang as they prepared to battle Vecna. Considering the increase in streams in less than a week, it’s likely that the number will only increase, and rightly so.

9 “The Traveling Man” by Ricky Nelson

30 million

Travelin' Man by Ricky Nelson, singing on TV

This 1961 tune can be heard on the show as Yuri pilots Murray and Joyce in his plane, so it’s very fitting. The cheerful tone of the song is also quite perfect, as it matches the non-serious vibe of the scene thanks to Yuri’s clumsiness.

For an older song, the modern streaming numbers are pretty impressive, and stranger things fans can expect it to only go up from here. Although it didn’t play for very long as the exit song from the stage, it was catchy enough to catch the attention of viewers around the world.

8 “Pass The Dutchie” by Musical Youth

100 million

Pass The Dutchie By Musical Youth, reggae boy band posing for the cover with their instruments

This song was an unexpected fan favorite, but it perfectly represents the light side of stranger things. The timing provided great comic relief, as it perfectly portrayed Argyle as a character and what he would realistically perform in the car while delivering pizza.

As the designated chill stoner of the season, Argyle was a fun addition to the series that fans weren’t expecting to love. Between his fun one-liners and his musical taste, there are plenty of moments that fans find themselves thanking him for, and they’re hoping to learn more about him in Season 5.

seven “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss

154 million

Detroit Rock City By Kiss band members posing on the cover with iconic black and white makeup and tongues sticking out

The show is good for its use of 80s rock music in the soundtrack, and this fun tune is no exception. The upbeat anthem was a perfect choice for the stage, as it went back and forth between the Dungeons and Dragons game and the high school basketball game.

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Not only was the scene fun and uplifting, but it’s the perfect example of the soundtrack making a difference to the overall mood of the scene. Fans around the world were thrilled to hear Kiss blast through their speakers, as it’s also a well-known song in Kiss’ discography, as evidenced by the high number of streams.

6 “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

220 million

Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, featuring a smiling young Louis and Ella for the 20th anniversary cover

During Victor’s recounting of the history of their “haunted” house, he details the “voice of an angel” he heard while experiencing some rather disturbing visions. This angel was actually Ella Fitzgerald, because this hugely popular song was playing on the radio at the time of the tragedies.

Although the song wasn’t enough to save Victor Creel’s family from the curse of Vecna, it did help Victor pull himself out of the horrific images Henry was showing him. Thanks to this minor detail, the kids were able to experience the power of music in escaping Vecna’s grasp, and fans are definitely on board with the “angel” part.

5 “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor

239 million

Fire And Rain by James Taylor, with James playing guitar on stage

In the end, James Taylor’s dreamy, smooth voice provided Steve and Nancy with the perfect opportunity to finally have some much-needed heart-to-heart. The song plays in the car in the background, however, it perfectly captures the two’s light and easy chemistry, not to mention that it’s perfect travel music.

Although the crew had just stolen a trailer and were about to arm themselves against Vecna, the scene served as much-needed comic relief and heartfelt moments that fans loved to hear. The sweet 70s singer lends a surprisingly sweet vibe to the show, as viewers are used to hearing more 80s pop music than anything else.

4 “You Spin Me Around (Like a Record)” van Dead Or Alive

262 million

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) album cover by Dead Or Alive

A fun, yet necessary musical addition was the hit Dead Or Alive during the ice rink scene. A perfect representation of the 80s, the atmosphere was all vibe, between colorful disco lights, funky outfits, and of course, the stereotypical 80s pop sound of “You Spin Me Round” blasting through the speakers. .

However, the use of the song was almost misleading, as it didn’t herald the funniest of events. From Eleven getting taunted in the middle of the roller rink to Angela taking a head skate, the fun didn’t last very long, even though the rink’s playlist was superb.

3 “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads

279 million

Psycho Killer By Talking Heads magazine clippings ransom style poster

The popular Talking Heads song was a perfect fit for Jason’s motivational streak with his friends. Although he has several moments throughout the season where he tries to act like a knowledgeable hero, the song plays in the background as Jason recruits his sports buddies to hunt down Eddie, who they believe killed Chrissy.

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While it was a bit too much on the nose for Jason to assume that Eddie was the “psychopathic killer” who killed Chrissy, the song choice is quite ironic. After all, anyone with such a “kill the beast” mentality and acting like a cult leader themselves is obviously the main villain instead.

2 “Run Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” by Kate Bush

365 million

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) by Kate Bush, with Kate posing and lying on the ground with a purple background

While this isn’t the first time a Kate Bush song has been used on a TV show, stranger things‘ Popularity has most certainly contributed to his recent success around one song in particular. By the end of May, “Running Up That Hill” had already skyrocketed the charts by 153% after the premiere of the “Dear Billy” episode (per The line of best fit), and it has probably increased further since.

The song was a perfect symbol of Max’s depression at the time and viewers will never forget watching the graveyard scene for the first time. Thanks to the power of Kate Bush’s lyricism, Max managed to escape from Vecna ​​and was able to return to his friends.

1 Metallica’s “Puppet Master”

433 million

Metallica's Master Of Puppets album cover

Considering Metallica is one of the most popular metal bands of all time, it’s no secret that this track would top the list. His connection to the show is even better, as he delivered one of the best stranger things needle-dropping moments, with Eddie shredding the song on guitar to distract the Demobats.

As soon as fans saw a clip of Eddie playing guitar in Upside Down, fans immediately predicted it was a Metallica song just by the way it was played. Needless to say, it was the perfect choice for Eddie and the show as a whole, and even Metallic themselves agree (per Facebook).

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